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During an investigation at a private home in Schenevus, New York. Patricia discusses the common occurrence of unexplained illnesses in association with paranormal activity. An aggressive evp appears during the conversation hissing: "We're in the air."

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Welcome to the Official ISIS Paranormal Investigations Website!

The ISIS Paranormal Investigations team, founded in 2004, by Dayna Winters and Patricia Gardner, is an active investigation team located in Upstate New York. ISIS is an acronym meaning Intuitive Supernatural Investigative Services. Our team chose the name ISIS because the name represents the Egyptian “Goddess of Ten Thousand Names,” Isis, who is also sometimes referred to as the “Guardian of the Dead.” The name ISIS was selected by our organization because it represents the belief system held by the majority of our group’s members: generally, the members that are part of the ISIS Paranormal Investigations team are followers of the Wiccan faith. You can learn more about our team, its members, and our investigation techniques by visiting the About ISIS link.

Our team conducts paranormal investigations into unexplained activity in several areas. We are currently performing select investigations only, based on severity and need. The states we primarily conduct investigations in are:

  • Massachusetts
  • New York
  • Vermont

If you are interested in our paranormal investigation services, there are several methods for contacting our team. Visit our Contact page for more information on how to contact our team and its members. We welcome feedback and questions, and our team members are also available for interview requests to discuss the various paranormal investigations we have conducted. If you live outside of the Massachusetts, New York, or Vermont regions, you can still contact our team. We may be able to make arrangements to conduct an investigation or we can refer you to a reputable paranormal investigation group in your area for further assistance.


Wicca: What's the Real Deal?: Breaking Through the Misconceptions
by Dayna Winters, Patricia Gardner, and Angela Kaufman


Wicca: What's the Real Deal? Breaking Through the Misconceptions

Witches are everywhere! You can find them in your local schools, workplace, or community. They are your friends, colleagues, neighbors, and sometimes family members. But what do you really know about them? Break through your misconceptions with this groundbreaking, comprehensive guide showcasing Wicca and Witchcraft, written in a simple myth/truth format. Three Witches, elders in the pagan community, take on wiccan-related fallacies still present in society today. They invite Wiccans to come out of the broom closet and they encourage understanding of the tenets of Wicca by those just interested in learning about the basics. This book will serve as a tool for parents and family members who seek to appreciate a loved one’s religious choices, and it will help those seeking to separate the truth about modern Witchcraft from centuries of misinformation.



Paranormal Interviews, Lectures, and Paranormal Consulting

Members of the ISIS Paranormal Investigations team are available for paranormal interviews, paranormal lectures, and paranormal consulting. We happily fulfill speaking engagements, and are interested in offering our services for the purposes of academic study and lecturing, for radio interviews, for television interviews, and for a variety of media. If you are interested in scheduling a lecture with the ISIS Paranormal Investigation team or you desire to interview any of our members, don't hesitate to contact us via email.

14 Degrees: A Paranormal Documentary

Don't have your copy of 14 Degrees: A Paranormal Documentary yet? Get it on; click on the image to the left to place your order! 14 Degrees is a production created by the New Gravity Media Team. The documentary takes a serious look at the practice and history of ghost hunting and includes the following teams and/or investigators:

  • Berkshire Paranormal
  • Boston Paranormal Investigators
  • ISIS Investigations
  • John Zaffis - P.S.R.N.E.
  • Keath Johnson - N.E.A.R.
  • Long Island Society for Paranormal Research
  • New England Anomalies Research
  • ParaScience
  • South Jersey Ghost Research
  • Spirit Encounters Research Team
  • Steve Gonsalves - T.A.P.S.
  • Discovery Channel - New Dominion Pictures: A Haunting

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    ISIS Paranormal Investigative Services

    Our team offers two different types of paranormal investigations; high profile and low profile investigations. Our high profile investigations are for any individual or business that is willing to reveal his or her identity, while our low profile investigations offer our clients complete anonymity, if desired. Our team will arrive at a location in unmarked vehicles, so that no one will be aware of the investigation unless the client makes others aware of the event. We often report our cases on our site, and in other media forms. Clients can have names, addresses, and personal details altered so that they can remain completely anonymous if anonymity is preferred. Our team however, reserves the right to report our findings in any form we choose, without compensation to the client in any form, now or in the future, but we will always maintain the client’s selected anonymous status when doing so. Interested individuals should also review our disclaimer, listed below.*

    For individuals living within the boundaries of Massachusetts, New York, and Vermont, our team is delighted to offer investigative services. Please carefully review our Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy accessible from links at the bottom of our page for more information about our investigative services.

    The ISIS Paranormal Investigations’ Team Mission

    Our mission is to collect information that will improve the overall understanding of paranormal activity and events. Our team wants to help people that have encountered and/or are currently dealing with paranormal occurrences. We hope to assist and inform the individuals we come in contact with so that they hold a better understanding about the unforeseen circumstances that often accompany paranormal events. As investigators of the unexplained, we sincerely hope that every case conducted results in a practical solution. We want to offer those individuals experiencing legitimate paranormal activity with the validation that what they are experiencing is real. The ISIS team wants to express that for those that are dealing with unexplained activity, ghosts, spirits, hauntings, or other strange phenomena, that they are not alone, and many other people have had similar experiences. It is also important to us that our clients understand that they have someone willing to listen to them, to offer understanding, and to help them if and when help is possible and appropriate.

    ISIS Paranormal Radio

    ISIS Paranormal Investigations has established a talk radio show: the ISIS Paranormal Radio Talk Show! Dayna Winters and Patricia Gardner are now co-hosts of ISIS Paranormal Radio as we journey into the world of magick, into the realm of the unexplained, into paranormal dimensions! ISIS Paranormal Radio is a show that delves into a variety of paranormal topics. Listen into ISIS Paranormal Radio to hear discussions about ghosts, spirits, apparitions, hauntings, electronic voice phenomena, the unexplained, Wicca, the occult, different aspects of the esoteric, Magick, dreams, the inspirational, the spiritual, and information about our previous investigations! Check out all of our upcoming guests for the ISIS Paranormal Radio show by viewing our official calendar page or by viewing the ISIS Paranormal Radio page. There is also a Java calendar presented on this page for your convenience listing upcoming ISIS Paranormal Radio Show programming. The show airs every Sunday at 1 PM Eastern Time. For more information about the ISIS Paranormal Radio show, or if you are looking to be one of our esteemed guests, visit ISIS Paranormal Radio.

    Recommended Site Navigation

    For new visitors to our site, we recommend that you spend as much time as you like exploring all of the information that the ISIS website has to offer. You will find paranormal articles, our case information, photographs, electronic voice phenomena samples, and paranormal news on our site and a wealth of information to access. You can use the extensive navigation menu to begin exploring the site or you can access our site map to find precisely what you are looking for. For returning visitors looking for the latest case information, ghostly photographs, EVPs, and information about upcoming ISIS events, we recommend that you visit our newsletter page so that you can keep up- to-date with all of the latest events.

    For all of our web visitors, it is recommended that you view our ghostly photo gallery with Internet Explorer to access our photos. Other browsers, if not set properly, will compress images and distort them so that they do not appear clearly within the browser. You also have the alternative of setting your own browser so that image compression is not automatic. Finally, be sure that the contrast and brightness on your computers are set at the appropriate levels for an optimized viewing experience.

    Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions

    ISIS Paranormal Investigations & ISIS Paranormal Radio have established a detailed Privacy Policy, and Terms & Conditions associated with our site's use, and our investigative services. We highly recommend that all web visitors, potential clients, and clients review both our Privacy Policy and our Terms & Conditions document so that you can develop an understanding about how our site works, and how we handle any and all communications with our team, as well as how we conduct investigations. It will be assumed by ISIS Paranormal Investigations that you have read and understand our Privacy Policy and our terms and conditions if and when you initiate contact with our team. By contacting our team, you acknowledge that you have read and reviewed our Privacy Policy, as well as our Terms and Conditions, which work in conjunction to make our services as convenient and comprehensive as possible. To access our Privacy Policy, and our Terms & Conditions documentation, use the convenient links provided below.

    PLEASE NOTE: Currently, as of June 24, 2008, our website is undergoing extensive reconstruction. You will quickly see that some of the older parts of the site are in the process of being updated. We thank you all for your patience in advance, as we go through this lengthy site reconstruction period. We are making many changes to make the navigation experience and the overall experience of our website more enjoyable for viewers.

    Group Information

    ISIS Cofounders
    Dayna Winters & Patricia Gardner

    Contact Us

    Our team does not accept any responsibility for damages that may occur as a result of paranormal activity. If we have recommended you to one of our affiliations or another paranormal investigation team in your area, we are not accountable for what the team does, nor are we in any way in charge of how the team conducts investigations. We are happy to recommend other local teams to those that seek them, but we do not maintain responsibility, nor do we have any authority over the investigative teams one is referred to.


    Our team promises to assist our clients in any way we can. Anyone that requests an investigation into paranormal events and happenings at their home or business should be advised that, the origins and/or consequences of paranormal activity are still not fully understood, and there are no guarantees that a situation can be resolved. In some instances paranormal activity ceases with our assistance, in other cases it may cease on its own, and in still other cases, no resolution is found. In addition, clients should be advised that if and when a team is contacted to investigate, in some cases clients have noticed an increase in activity before the team arrives on site to conduct the investigation.

    Copyright © 2011 ISIS Paranormal Investigations. All Rights Reserved.
    Credits: Graphic Allusions.


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